Required for Sacrament of Matrimony

Corpus Christi Main Sanctuary

Required Documents


Please direct all correspondence to:

Corpus Christi Catholic Church
PO Box 1878
Tahoe City, CA 96145-1878
530-583-1408 FAX

Reservation of the church is tentative until full payment of the use fee is received at the church office and is conditional upon such full payment. (i.e.: no full payment, no church)

The church use fee is for the use of the church during the times reserved for the rehearsal and wedding. The honorarium for the officiating priest, deacon, (and Mass servers) or minister is a separate matter as are financial arrangements with musicians, vocalists, etc.

Please Note

All Required Documents are to be collected by the priest/deacon of your parish and forwarded to Corpus Christi Church through the Chancery Office of the Diocese in which they are collected (if other than the Diocese of Sacramento).

Required documents must be received in this parish no later than two months prior to the proposed marriage date.  Until the required documents are received in this parish, any scheduling as to date, time, or place, proposed marriage is tentative and conditional on their being received on time.

Contact a priest/deacon of your parish immediately regarding your proposed marriage, required preparation and documents. Some parishes require six months notification.

Marriages must be officiated by a Catholic bishop, priest or deacon and shall be celebrated according to the official Catholic Marriage Rite. See booklet Marriage is for Keeps or Together for Life for official Catholic Rite of Marriage and appropriate Scripture readings. Non-Scripture readings may not be used.

Music and songs for use at weddings are to be appropriate and approved by the officiating bishop, priest or deacon.

Corpus Christi

Use of Church cost (set by Parish Parish Finance Council): $500

Reservation Deposit (non-refundable) $200

Balance due 60 days prior to wedding date: $300


Church, sacristy, restroom
Kneeler (2 person) – 1
Double kneeler cover – 1
Church seating capacity – 360
Church has handicap access


Organ – 1 (not to be moved)
Electronic keyboard – 1 (not to be moved)
Piano – 1 (not to be moved)


Remote (clip-on) – 1
Fixed (podium) – 1

Mic jacks

3 (near organ)