Ordained 1992

Assigned Tahoe City July 1, 2019

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Our second reading from Colossians tells us that Jesus is the image of the invisible God. We too are also made in the image of God. However, that image, over the years, gets marred, scarred and tarnished. The reason is we fail to recognize and heed the positive nature and value of God’s loving Commandments. Today there seems to be a notion that the original Ten Commandments, from the Old Testament, are different and separate from the Beatitudes in the New Testament. We only need to follow the latter. This is an erroneous idea. We must always remember that they are two sides of the same coin. What we learn in our gospel today, is that what God had originally written on stone, He now desires to have written on our hearts. Our Responsorial Psalm reminds us that the words of the Lord are spirit and life. Jesus tells the young man, and us, that if we truly want to know what the greatest commandment is, then we discover it by simply doing it.


Ordained June 30, 2018

Assigned Tahoe City July 1, 2018

Deacon Michael Holley 1